We will help the *Best Students in getting into the UX Design jobs in IT Industry.

Market Demand

Every year companies will be in search of fresh talent to meet their business requirements.
Always there is a scope and demand for young talent. with 1-5 yrs of experience.
Companies that are in SEZ zone will have to recruit freshers every year as part of an agreement with Govt. of Telangana.


There is a huge growing demand for UX Designers in IT Industry and there is GAP in getting the right fresh UX talent into the industry. IT companies have to invest 6 months in training the freshers joining from all the design colleges, JNAFAU, NID, IIT, and almost 1 year in mentoring them after putting them into real-time projects with international clients.

Expectations from the Employer

Employers always look for creative thinkers, Problem solvers. Who understands the Business Requirements and come up with the creative solutions which meets the needs of the user and Business as well.

Benefit for companies

1. Best Talent at one place - UX Designers, Visual/Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Animators, Sculptors, Photographers

2. We will provide them with Trained & Tested fresh UX Talent with good communication skills who will fit into IT Industry

3. IT companies hiring our students need not spend their resources on training the students in UX again after recruiting

4. IT companies will save time, and need not spend time searching for the relevant profiles, can get rid of doing the Initial Screening, telephonic Interviews, Technical Interviews, Conducting Tests, and evaluating post-test discussions.

5. We are optimizing the hiring process